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Post Budget Quote 2018 – Arindam Haldar, CEO, SRL Diagnostics

“I congratulate the government for focusing on common man of India in this budget by announcing various schemes across sectors. The announcement of universal health insurance at Rs 5 lakh medical cover per year for 10 crore(s) poor families across the country, is an appreciable step. Also, the allocation of Rs 1,200 crore(s) for health and wellness centres clearly indicates that health sector has received utmost priority in this budget.

It would be a welcome step if out-patient diagnostics costs/coverage is covered in this limit.  The absence of coverage for outpatient care and pre-existing diseases is an impediment to a comprehensive and affordable health insurance cover.


Also, specific focus on the diagnostics sector would have been of great benefit to supplement primary healthcare machinery. Nevertheless, we welcome the various health initiatives announced by the government in which limelight has been shed on the alarming rise of non-communicable and communicable diseases in India.”

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