Addressing Specialists Shortage – A Public Private Initiative In Karnataka

The Government of Karnataka has always endeavored towards addressing the issue of shortage of specialist in the state. Many initiatives like direct recruitment and increased salaries for contract specialists were not very effective.

The ANBAI was able to effectively liaison between the Government of Karnataka and the National Board of Examinations in arriving at a tangible solution by way of starting DNB course in district hospitals, whereby specialists services would be made available on a continuous basis. This year 51 students have joined the 7 hospitals which have been recognised for training. The orientation program was also a unique public private enterprise where experienced teachers from private hospitals from all over the Country shared their expertise with faculty in the district hospitals and was led by ANBAI-Karnataka President Dr.Venkatesh along with NB faculty.


The Hon’ble Minister for Health & Family Welfare Shri. Shivananda Patil in his address remarked that this joint effort by ANBAI & NBE with the GoK is definitely bound to address the issue of specialists shortage in district hospitals. He further called upon the teachers to ensure that this effort is fully utilised for the benefits of our state.

Secretary health Shri. Javed Akhtar profusely thanked Dr. Alexander Thomas, President ANBAI for his persistent efforts in making this a reality.

Dr Dave, Executive Director, NBE, appreciated the efforts of GoK and promised to explore possibilities of adding points for service of Government doctors at time of selection to PG courses of NBE.

Dr. Alex recalled the efforts of GoK, NBE and ANBAI which spanned over  3 years and the cooperation of many Health Secretaries during this time. He also acknowledged the efforts of Dr. CN Manjunath and Dr. Devi Shetty. This project will have a significant impact on the quality of healthcare delivered in Karnataka, both in the short term and long term. All candidates who train in the hospitals have to serve in Karnataka for 3 years after they complete the course. He also alluded to the other areas like NABH accreditation of Government hospitals and introduction of paediatric surgery services in district hospitals in collaboration with ANBAI and AHPI.

ANBAI will continue to help in NBE accreditation of other district hospitals and also in helping teachers and students in these institutions.

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