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Advanced Testing Option Available Now For Tuberculosis Patients

Tuberculosis continues to blight the future of India’s healthcare systems. India accounts for 420,000 deaths due to this disease while 2,790,000 are estimated to be suffering from it. Only 63% of India’s citizens have access to adequate health coverage. Among those affected by pulmonary TB, 84,000 were believed to be sub-classified as suffering from MDR/ RR TB as of 2016. Significantly, 28% patients were reportedly relapse cases registered in 2015.

TB is the leading cause of deaths owed to a solitary infectious agent globally. Close to 1.7 million people were reported to have died of this debilitating disease in 2016. Nine-tenths of those dead were adults in productive stages of life.

Dr. Kunal Sharma, CORE Diagnostics“We at CORE are adopting a personalized, multimodality approach towards the diagnosis of TB. We offer a diverse range of basic to high-end techniques for screening, monitoring, and therapy selection. We are also launching newer tissue-based methods for diagnosis which are highly specific and sensitive to TB mycobacterium, but will be available for a much lower cost”, says Dr. Kunal Sharma, CORE Diagnostics.

It is important to educate people about spread and management of the disease. TB can be spread from an infected person by droplet and airborne transmission via sputum and aerosols respectively, but not by touch because the Mycobacterium tuberculosis responsible for the disease does not flourish on surfaces. People may have latent TB instead of active TB and be carriers for the parasite. In a developing country like India, people would greatly benefit from a pathological procedure that is affordable, easily accessible yet guaranteed to identify the positive instance of disease with precision and accuracy. Tissue-based IHC tests offer just that. Accordingly, doctors will be able to recommend the treatment course with the maximum probability of success.

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