AGI glaspac inaugurates manufacturing facility for speciality glass division

The new facility is based in Bhongir plant and will reduce dependence on imports and promote sustainability 

AGI glaspac, a leading container glass bottle manufacturer, inaugrated its new manufacturing facility in Bhongir, Telangana. With an aim to cater to the growing demand in the speciality glass segment, the new 154 TPD (Tonnes per day) glass plant has initiated the production of clear glass products such as vials, nail polish bottles, etc. These clear glass products are primarily used for pharmaceutical products, premium spirits, food and beverages and also to make water bottles and candle jars.


The facility will provide direct employment to 350+ people and will serve foreign markets along with the Indian markets.

Rajesh Khosla, President & CEO, AGI glaspac, said, “With the opening of this new facility, we are closer to our vision of building a centre of excellence in the container glass packaging in India, using globally-benchmarked manufacturing systems and practices. With expected revenue of Rs 250 crore at a CAGR of 10 per cent YoY, the facility will boost our commitment to producing sustainable world-class, innovative products for the ever-evolving demands of our consumers.”

The facility will consist of end-fired furnaces with six forehearths for production and capable of producing 154 tonnes of premium flint and other different colours. Aiming to capture 10-15 per cent of the market of the speciality glass segment, the facility consists of state-of-the-art technology for Blow&Blow, Press&Blow with integrated decoration facility for hot foil stamping, coating, lacquering, colouring in collaboration with world-renowned service providers.

AGI will be using 5” DG machine, 85mm IS10 TG machine, 64mm IS8 QG machine, 64mm IS 6+6 QG Tandem machine, and 5.5” IS 10 DG machines to manufacture nail polish bottles, foundation jars, perfume bottles, water bottles, food and beverages, premium spirits bottles, injectables, infusion bottles, carbonated water bottles, sparkling wine bottles etc. There are also several other specialised equipment for packaging and decoration.

Going forward, AGI will increase its production capacity in the years to come. AGI is also focused on serving niche customers with small-batch requirements as the production lines are flexible and can be adapted based on their needs. Further, AGI is planning to forge warehouses at strategic locations near its key markets so as to reduce the delivery lead time.


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