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AHPI opposes violence against doctors

Writes a letter to the PM asking for strong action

Association of Healthcare Providers (India) has recently written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding violence at hospitals where a doctor from Assam was brutally attacked.


According to Dr Alexander Thomas, President, AHPI and Dr Girdhar Gyani, Director General, AHPI at a time when the entire medical fraternity is collectively engaged, [risking their own lives] in combating the second wave of COVID -19 which has gripped the entire country, it is very disheartening to note that such events are occurring, seriously affecting the morale of the medical fraternity.

They said, “It is our sincere request that non-bailable action should be initiated against such perpetrators of violence at hospitals under the Epidemic Diseases Act. In addition, to instil a sense of security amongst the medical fraternity, while serving the suffering masses it is requested that the clause under which action is to be taken against perpetrators of violence at hospitals at any point of time should be as in the Epidemic Diseases Act even after the epidemic is overcome. We request you to kindly encourage the medical fraternity to serve to their fullest commitment and ability by ensuring their security while on duty, which will go a long way in effectively overcoming the pandemic as early as possible.”

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