AI-enabled Tool to Detects COVID19 from Chest X-ray

Testing solution has been successfully implemented at Civil, State Government hospitals

Mumbai: Nashik based, It Solution company, ESDS Software Solution has come up with a rapid COVID-19 detection solution, under the brand name- AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution powered by Deepiotics. The solution is an AI-enabled tool that detects COVID-19 from Chest X-ray (CXR).  

This testing solution has now been successfully implemented under Proof of Concept by various Municipal Corporation’s, Civil Hospitals, State Government hospitals and major private hospitals in India.


AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution indicates whether the patient is suffering from COVID-19 in less than 5 minutes. It is a complete contactless testing procedure, where the health officials have to collect the Chest X-ray reports, upload them on a web browser and just click on the submit button. Post clicking on the submit button, it will quickly indicate whether the patient is suffering from COVID-19 or not.   

ESDS Group CEO & CMD, Piyush Somani, stated, “This solution that we have developed is the need of the hour as the number of cases are rising every day thereby putting a strain on the COVID 19 testing centres. This techonolgy will also allay the apprehensions of patients who otherwise have to wait anxiously for days to discover whether they have COVID 19.’’

This rapid COVID-19 testing solution has scanned over 1000s’ of CXRs obtained from various countries, including- India, the USA, UK and Italy. 

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