AI radiology startup Synapsica partners with Aarthi Scans and Labs

Synapsica will deploy its unique AI assistant ‘Spindle’ to power spine MRIs for the diagnostic chain

AI-radiology startup Synapsica has announced its partnership with Aarthi Scans and Labs, a multi-center diagnostic chain with 40 full-fledged diagnostic centers and 75+ collection centers conducting over 900 MRI scans every day. As a part of the agreement, Synapsica will deploy its unique AI assistant ‘Spindle’ to power spine MRIs for the diagnostic chain.

Synapsica’s Spindle is the first algorithm globally to automatically report over 35 degenerative (age-related) pathologies in MRI scans of the spine. It can generate highly objective and accurate radiology reports with necessary spinal measurements and help reduce the time spent by radiologists on spine MRIs by almost 70%.

Meenakshi Singh, Co-founder & CEO of Synapsica said, “Artificial Intelligence is the future of radiology and we are proud to be playing our part in scripting this story in India, given the acute dearth of radiologists in the country. We are thrilled about our association with Aarthi Labs, one of the leading integrated diagnostics chains in the country. Their confidence in our product is a testimony that AI can play an extensive role in assisting radiologists, increasing their workflow and enabling more accurate and standardised radiology reporting. We hope more radiology players in the country realise the importance of adopting AI and how it can help them provide high quality reports that can make a huge difference to patient outcomes.”

Dr Arunkumar Govindarajan, Director & Radiologist at Aarthi Scans and Labs said, “We at Aarthi Scans and Labs are dedicated to being at the forefront of technology and providing high-quality diagnostics to everyone at affordable costs. I am very excited about our partnership with Synapsica. When I saw the demo of Synapsica’s MRI spine solution, I couldn’t wait to deploy it in our MRI imaging workflow. The pre-drafting of MRI Spine radiology report by Synapsica’s AI solution with several measurements & interpretations will save at least 70 per cent for our radiologists’ time and avoid inter-observer variations. This will also help in serial follow ups for certain parameters. Synapsica has a great team with a perfect mix of the best tech, management and clinical expertise among the founding team itself. We are excited to work with them.”

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