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AiMeD Urges Govt to Take Policy Decisions to Boost Domestic Manufacturing

The government has been taking measures to control prices of medicines and some devices like coronary stents etc. over last two years. This has been a welcome move. However,  much more needs to be done and in a more planned manner in place of a piecemeal approach. To begin with, we  need to  understand that price control or MRP capping is important but a small step in making healthcare affordable in the long run

“There is an urgent need for an integrated and calibrated development policy to put ‘Make In India’ initiative in medical devices  sector in top gear and reduce high import dependency on foreign-made devices in order to promote indigenous manufacturing of drugs and devices which would go a long way in making healthcare affordable,” said Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator, (AiMeD)  Association of Indian Medical Device Industry.

As a first step, the government may consider granting tax/duty incentives and Price Preference in public procurement among other things to protect and promote domestic manufacturing.

Simultaneously, price control measures should be undertaken. As of now, only coronary stents and some orthopaedic devices are being considered. But, the list needs to be expanded to include more devices.

Some price control measures that could …

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