An awareness of Voting initiated by Zen Multispeciality Hospital

Making Responsible Choice by Voting

Voting is the fundamental right of the citizens of India. Voting will also enable citizens to realize the importance of citizenship. Many people do not vote, as they think one vote will not make a change, but as a matter of fact, it does. Making a responsible choice can help the country to grow by leaps and bounds, and bring a revolutionary change in the fields like healthcare, and it is vital for socio-economic development. Taking note of the upcoming Lok Sabha election, doctors, nurses and para-medical staff of Zen Multispeciality hospital has come up with a unique initiative.

The campaign by the hospital had begun with aims to create awareness regarding voting and appealing people to do their bit, step out and vote with an impactful message, “Vote for a healthy nation,” on the prescription notepad.  Appeal by doctors/ staff will help educate patients regarding their basic right. This awareness campaign carried out at the reception area of the hospital, as well as it will run on a digital platform through creative post/ video.


Dr Roy Patankar, Director of Zen Multispecialty says, “India is the largest democracy in the world. So, it is the responsibility of every Indian to come out, vote and help increase the voting percentage for the development of our country.  It is our primary right to choose the right government and leaders for our nation. Hence, like medication, voting is equally essential. Come let’s exercise our right, vote, and discharge our responsibilities towards the country. Get, set and vote!”



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