Columbia Asia Gurgaon,Rare Post-Menopausal Pregnancy: Treatment Story

Dr Sachin Jain, Dr Amita Shah, Mr Manish Gupta and Ms Hooda with her kids

When Ms Hooda lost her only son aged 25, two years ago, she had no hope to live in the joy of being a mother again. However, with the help of doctors of the Columbia Asia Hospital Gurugram, 55 year old Ms Hooda became the mother of twins – a boy and a girl, and it had become one of the instances of rare post-menopausal pregnancies in the country.

According to the doctors at the Columbia Asia Hospital, her pregnancy was a challenge with many factors as she had completed her natural age of conception and her uterus had shrunk after she reached menopause. Continuous hormonal therapy was given to her during the pregnancy for safety. She had also spent two days in ICU due to high and often fluctuating blood pressure. As we were acting against the natural physiology, we were mindful of the risks related to it. We were determined to offer the best of our efforts. She came to me in her second month of being pregnant and trusted me to take care of her. Dr Amita Shah, Chief of Obstaetrics and Gynaecology said, “Based on our in-depth knowledge of her medical conditions which was accompanied by the intensive monitoring, we could successfully carry out our medical help for her to the eighth month and delivered her through Elective Cesarean Section.” Dr Sachin Jain, Consultant Neonatologist said, “Though the babies are healthy, they weighed about 1.4kg and had to be kept under observation at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for nearly 3 weeks, and were discharged at 1.7kg.”


Doctors were in the view that pregnancies happening at an advanced age are increasing, because of late marriages and women opting to have children at a later age in their late thirties or forties. The hormonal changes take place at that age in women can make it difficult to produce eggs or healthy eggs and the chances of chromosomal abnormalities and miscarriage cannot be ruled out.

Dr Shah said, “We have handled simple uncomplicated pregnancies to the most difficult high risk pregnancies with high blood pressure, diabetes, jaundice, etc. with equal expertise and finesse. Giving this 55 year old, her twin bundles of joy was a big achievement for us not only in terms of medical advancement but also reaffirmed her as well as our faith in the quality of care we provide. We as an institution have the passion to make people better and our mission has always been successful to provide the best clinical outcomes in most effective, efficient and caring environment.”

High Risk Pregnancies and deliveries are on a rise these days because of multiple factors. In these cases ICU, NICU and Doctor 24X7 care is very important. The Boutique maternity centers and nursing homes are not able to provide comprehensive care to these cases. We therefore suggest patients to prefer hospitals which have adequate support by the team of OBGY, endocrinologist, cardiologist, intensivists & neonatologist


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