Anglo French Drug & Industries donates vestibulator to SRRC Mumbai 

The vestibulator will be used to aid in the recovery of children with neurological issues

Anglo-French Drug & Industries, a leading pharmaceutical company in India, donated a vestibulator to SRCC, a children’s hospital in Mumbai. The vestibulator will be used to aid in the recovery of children with neurological issues, especially those suffering from autism and cerebral palsy. The machine itself is unique and state-of-the-art and was custom-made by IIT for SRCC; it is only the second of its kind in Mumbai. It will help in meeting the needs of the lower economic strata parents whose children will need therapy for various medical issues. 

The machine was officially inaugurated by Abhay Kanoria, CMD, Anglo-French Drugs & Industries at the official inaugural ceremony held by SRCC Centre for Child Development in Mumbai.

The machine was donated to the hospital to expand its services to cater to the needs of children who would need physiotherapy. By using the machine the hospital aims to help children to recover faster and better and go back to leading a healthier life, which always has been the AFDIL’s mission when it comes to providing the best healthcare services.

Talking at the inaugural ceremony, Kanoria, said, “As an organisation, we are committed to providing whatever help possible to create a great healthcare ecosystem. The reason we chose to donate this particular machine is that we felt that there is little focus on the vestibular system and how fixing it can aid in the well-being of children with neurological disorders, the incidences of which are on the rise. Our contribution to SRCC is our first step toward it. We hope that by way of this machine the needy children will get the best in class services.”


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