Apollo Cancer Centre collaborates with Datar Cancer Genetics

Launch blood test for early detection of breast cancer

Apollo Cancer Centres in association with Datar Cancer Genetics brings a revolutionary blood test that can detect breast cancers at early stages in asymptomatic individuals with high accuracy, thus enabling timely diagnosis and treatment to save lives. With an easy draw of a small quantity of blood, now, EasyCheck- Breast can help in the detection of breast cancer even before the first stage. The EasyCheck will be available across India at all Apollo Cancer Centres.


Dr Prathap Reddy, Founder & Chairman, Apollo Hospitals, said, “The launch of EasyCheck Breast marks an important success towards quality technological advancements ensuring timely diagnosis and treatment to lower the mortality rate. This association with Datar Cancer Genetics has made a path-breaking achievement and at Apollo Cancer Centres, we are well equipped to diagnose breast cancers with the best-in-class advancements and treatments.”

Rajan Datar, Founder & Chairman, Datar Cancer Genetics, said, “EasyCheck- Breast is the culmination of years of collaborative international research and innovation and has been developed, tested, and validated on population-sized cohorts. A simple blood draw holds the promise of early cancer detection in asymptomatic individuals and opens the possibilities of successful treatments and improved survival.

On the occasion, Dinesh Madhavan, President Group Oncology and International, Apollo Hospital Enterprises said, “With the launch of Easy Check Breast, Apollo Cancer Centres and Datar Genetics is committed to ensure that we diagnose cancer at the earliest and this is the first step in winning over cancer. The late diagnosis of breast cancer remains the sole cause of high mortality rate in women with breast cancer in India. With Easy Check Breast, we address this root cause and make it earlier, easier.”

Dr Sudha S Murthy, Director, Clinical Support, Datar Cancer Genetics, said, “The EasyCheck Breast test is a simple blood test, which is non-invasive and doesn’t involve radiation or mammography. It is based on detection of circulating tumour cells, these cells are seen only in malignancies, this is the principle on which EasyCheck is based.”

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