Apollo Spectra Hospitals Sets New Landmark by Performing a Unique Stone Removal Surgery in Chennai

Apollo Spectra Hospitals successfully performed a unique Stone removal surgery (Bilateral Flexible Ureteroscopy with Holmium YAG surgery) in an uncommon instance of a patient having a pre-existing medical condition called ankylosing spondylitis in its advanced stage, which causes acute stiffness in the spine.

Ankylosing spondylitis is an arthritis condition that creates rigidity in the cervical spine and causes stiffness from the neck to the lower back region. This prevents the person from moving the neck and hip joint. In such circumstances, conducting a minimally invasive surgery treatment for kidney stones was a challenge as the patient could not be in the right position for


a lithotomy surgical method. The patient could only be held in a supine position. Planning this complicated case, a team of experienced doctors led by a senior Urological surgeon at Apollo Spectra performed an advanced surgery- Bilateral Flexible Ureteroscopy using cutting-edge technology and expert guidance. Apart from professional competence, this surgery required advanced equipment to be successful.

This surgery was conducted using Holmium YAG Laser to fragment the kidney stones in both the ureters. Post the Bilateral Flexible Ureteroscopy, the team of surgeons performed a Mini Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy surgery using a miniaturized set of instruments and a 100 w Holmium laser to fragment another 4 cm stone efficiently.  The patient recovered well and had a delightful experience with the operative care and nursing at Apollo Spectra.

Dr. M R Pari, Senior Consultant (MBBS, MS-General Surgery, Mch Urology) said – This was a complicated case, which needed careful and sensitive handling because of the patient’s medical history. We are thrilled to successfully perform this complicated surgery in one sitting and see the patient go home in a day’s time and to give him new hope to live healthier.

Team Apollo Spectra performed the surgery by using Fibreoptic intubation technique for anesthesia and successfully completed the procedure in a single sitting to clear the large renal stone and the stones in both the ureters. Failure in timely intervention could have resulted in acute renal failure needing dialysis.

This case is considered to be one of the rarest and most challenging considering its complex nature.

Apollo Spectra is fully equipped with highly advanced technology in the field of Renal Sciences like 100 W Holmium Laser, Harmonic Scalpel, and Flexible Ureteroscope. It prides itself on having renowned doctors with expertise in a wide range of surgical interventions in Stone Removal, Strictures, Prostate Enlargement, Varicocele Ligation, Genitourinary Fistula Surgery, Trans-urethral Removal of Bladder Tumour (TURBT), Treatment for Prostate Cancer and Urogynaecology procedures.

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