Aster Aadhar Cancer Centre opens in Kolhapur 

The specialised centre has installed the advanced Halcyon – A Linac Accelerator

Aster Aadhar Hospital, Kolhapur has launched “Aster Aadhar Cancer Center”. The specialised centre will enable patients to access several cancer care treatment options under one roof.


Speaking at the launch, Dr Ulhas Damale, Managing Director, Aster Aadhar Hospital said, “The Center of Excellence (CoE) comprises the state-of-art and modern infrastructure, linear accelerator for radiation therapy, a brachytherapy unit, modular OT for surgical oncology, bone marrow transplant unit, histo-cytopathology lab, daycare chemotherapy suites”.

The cancer centre is also equipped with the Halcyon – A Linac Accelerator, used in radiation oncology, which is a lot more precise, faster and accurate than previous generations. A highly streamlined process, enables the treatment session to be completed in as less as 10 minutes. This minimises the risk of patient movement and increases both patient safety and treatment quality. It is also the third installation at any hospital in Maharashtra and the first in a Semi-Urban area. Installation of the world-class machine was carried out with the support of S 2 Infotech International. 

“Besides infrastructure, the CoE has a dedicated and committed team of nine clinical experts across spectrums in oncology- medical, surgical, radiation, reconstructive, rehabilitative, palliative, histo-cytopathology and haemato-oncology as well as BMT to provide cancer care services,” adds Dr Bharat Shah, COO, Aster Aadhar Hospital.


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