Aster DM Healthcare, Intel Corporation, CARPL announce learning-based health data platform

Federated Learning-based platform securely and rapidly enables access to anonymised and structured health data for research and collaboration

Aster Innovation and Research Centre, the innovation hub of Aster DM Healthcare, has joined with Intel Corporation, and CARPL to announce a state-of-the-art ‘Secure Federated Learning Platform.’ This collaboration will enable the development of AI-enabled health tech solutions where data can securely reside where it is generated. The collaboration will boost innovation in areas such as drug discovery, diagnosis, genomics, and predictive healthcare. It will also allow clinical trials to access relevant data sets in a secure and distributed manner.


AI-enabled solutions in areas such as medical imaging are helping to address pressing challenges in healthcare such as staffing shortages and ageing populations. However, accessing silos of relevant data spread across the different hospitals, geographies, and other health systems while complying with regulatory policies is a massive challenge.

Commenting on this first-of-its-kind collaboration, Dr Azad Moopen, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare, said, “Aster Innovation and Research Centre is glad to partner with technology giants like CARPL and INTEL to bring highly progressive healthcare solutions through digital advances and Artificial Intelligence. The Secure Federated Learning initiative will help analyse data and support the development of a predictive mechanism for patients, the opportunity for a second opinion on treatments, and most importantly, affirming data security and confidentiality of patients. So far, only a few such initiatives have been conducted especially in the healthcare space. This collaborative platform with world leaders will open doors to many players in the sector to participate in developing accessible healthcare solutions.”

Nivruti Rai, Country Head, Intel India & Vice President, Intel Foundry Services, said, “AI applications are at the cusp of revolutionizing healthcare through timely and effective screening, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The solution will be offered as a service to be used by both AI researchers and data custodians in their pursuit of advancing AI innovation and extensive impact in healthcare. It marks a paradigm shift by getting the compute to the data rather than getting the data to the compute. Our joint intent is to make this platform available to the health ecosystem to solve some of the large-scale healthcare problems and enable quality, affordable and at-scale healthcare.”

Dr Vidur Mahajan, CEO, said, “There is no doubt that de-centralised data storage and subsequent training of AI models in a federated manner in the future, especially since lack of generalisability of AI is becoming a bigger problem. We are glad to partner with brands that are doyens of their respective fields – Aster in healthcare and Intel in computation – to enable the extraction, anonymisation, annotation and delivery of data to the AI models through CARPL. Our mission is to take AI from bench to clinic, and this is another example of the same.”

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