Balaxi Ventures renamed as Balaxi Pharmaceuticals

The company has its presence across regions like Angola, Guatemala, and Dominican Republic

Pursuant to the shareholder approval granted in the Annual General Meeting held on September 11, 2020, the MCA has now granted approval to the change in Balaxi Ventures to Balaxi Pharmaceuticals.

Listed on the National Stock Exchange, Balaxi Pharmaceuticals Limited (Balaxi) has its on-ground presence across regions like Angola, Guatemala, and Dominican Republic. The company is engaged in supplying branded and generic medicines addressing multiple therapeutic segments through its asset-light, stock and sell model. Balaxi owns a robust product portfolio of 548 registrations coupled with an on-ground infrastructure of 38 warehouses and a fleet of owned vehicles for logistics.


Ashish Maheshwari, Managing Director, Balaxi Pharmaceuticals, commented, “Balaxi invests significant resources in securing formulations registrations in frontier markets of Africa and Central America. Balaxi has a strong recall as a leading pharma brand in regions where we have a presence. Considering our focus on pharma business, it is only apt that the company’s name reflects our brand proposition.”

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