Bangalore-based Brains Hospital Organised National Conference on Neuro-nutrition

Nutrition is an integral part of healing and maintenance of health, specifically in critically ill neuro-patients.  The absence of correct feeding practices in ICU patients often leads to increased mortality rate and increases hospital, which in turn raises the chance of infection. This has been proved by several studies. 

To highlight the importance of neuro-nutrition, the Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (IAPEN) and the Bangalore-based Brains Neuro Spine Centre today organised a national conference on neuro-nutrition.


Delivering his inaugural speech Dr. NK Venkataramana, Founder & Chief Neurosurgeon enlightened the audience on how important is nutrition for the brain right from the foetus to geriatrics.

Dr Venkataramana said, “Brain is the first organ to develop in human. Right from the pre-conception stage, neo-natal, childhood, right through adult and old age, consumption of right nutrition is very important. Lack of correct nutritional intake affects the white matter of the brain. This in turn can lead to delay in brain development, brain damage and cause serious neuro related problem like epilepsy.”

Meanwhile as one tends to grow old, lack of proper nutrition can lead to decline in brain function and degeneration of brain, he further added.

“Nutrition plays an important role in nervous disorders and in neuro and trauma critical care. Establishing nutrition support teams and protocols in hospitals and effective team work is the right approach for addressing malnutrition among hospitalised patients. The importance of nutrition and its role as part of medical treatment and enhanced recovery has been well established through several studies,” said, Dr Sreemathy Venkatraman, Chief Dietician & Nutritionist at Brains.  

The conference was aimed at educating dieticians and nutritionists about the importance of medical nutritional therapies in various neurological disorders and feeding practices in neuro and trauma critical care.

It also served as a forum for dieticians and doctors to come together, discuss and exchange views. This would further enhance treatment in critical neuro cases, she added.The day-long conference attracted over 100 participants and several resource persons from across the country and abroad.

Meanwhile, at the event, a booklet titled “Food for Thought Nutritional Guidelines for Brain” was released.

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