BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital launches Teal Wave campaign

The objective behind this initiative was to spread awareness about this dreaded disease and encourage women to get the pap-smear test done at regular intervals 

BGS GGH has launched a cervical cancer campaign, by releasing a video called Teal wave, voicing the importance of early diagnosis of cervical cancer. All women health experts from each department joined hands to fight against ignorance and spread awareness on early diagnoses which can save lives worldwide. Extending her support to the noble cause, Sumalatha Ambareesh, a notable South Indian actress, participated in the campaign. 


The objective behind this initiative was to spread awareness about this dreaded disease and encourage women to get the pap-smear test done at regular intervals and get diagnosed at the early stage. The campaign is spearheaded by Dr Mathangi, Radiation Oncologist, Dr Monika Pansari, Surgical Oncologist and Dr Nirmala, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, who have attended and treated many women with cervical cancer. According to their observation, in most cases, women present with the disease at the later stage causing a delay in treatment hence leads to an increase in mortality rate.

The campaign also aims to empower women to opt for HPV vaccination to prevent the disease. However, the efficacy of the vaccination lasts for 7.5 years, hence all women between the age of 21 – 65 must get pap smear screening done at regular interval. 

Dr Mathangi, Radiation Oncologist, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital said, “It is essential for women to get themselves screened regularly once in three years, beginning three years after the start of their sexual life, even if they do not have any complaints. It is also essential to keep your intimate hygiene a priority, especially for those women who are sexually active and have multiple sexual partners which is a high-risk factor.”

Another reason behind the campaign is to debunk all the myths regarding pap smear tests. Many women in both rural and urban areas are reluctant to get themselves checked due to fear and apprehension. Apart from the pap smear tests, there are also other tests such as HPV DNA tests used to detect cancer cells in the cervix. In some cases, women go for co-testing, where both the tests are done on the same day.

Dr Monika Pansari, Surgical Oncologist, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital said, “Pap smear tests are completely safe and is done to check if there are pre-cancerous cells in your cervix. If your doctor finds any abnormalities in the cells, the sample from your cervix is sent for biopsy to rule out the doubt for cervical cancer. If the tests confirm positive, only then health expert does further tests to determine the stage of your cancer. It is based on the type and the stage of cancer; treatment is provided to the patient. Early diagnosis leads to early treatment, causing early recovery.”

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