BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital organizes CME conference in association with National Thalassemia Centre in Sri Lanka

Dr Neema Bhat, Department of Oncology (Haematology & BMT), BGS GGH educates doctors on stem cells and Blood and Marrow transplantation in Sri Lanka

Bangalore, August 07, 2019: BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital in association with National Thalassemia Centre organized CME (Continuing medical Education) conference today at Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. Dr Neema Bhat from Department of Oncology (Haematology & BMT), BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital educated Pediatricians, Hematologists and Transfusion medicine physicians from all over Sri Lanka on BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) and stem cell transplant at the conference.

Currently, Sri Lanka is seeing a large number of cases on Thalassemia; however, they are lacking infrastructure, experts and facilities to treat the disease. Addressing to control such burdened disease, Dr Neema spoke about the pivotal role of Haematology and Blood and Marrow transplantation in modern adult and Pediatric medicine. She also highlighted on the various conditioning regimens used for stem cell transplantation, including types of stem cell transplantation, its harvesting process and various steps involved in the transplant process.


Speaking about her experience Dr Neema Bhat said, “It was a great experience to address an Inquisitive crowd and impart the knowledge to the medical fraternity at Sri Lanka regarding the advantage of using BMT and stem cell transplant. Unfortunately, in compare to the rising cases of various blood disorders like Thalassemia, leukemia etc in Sri Lanka, there are very few physicians who can perform BMT procedures and treat the disease.

Globally, it is estimated that there are 270 million carriers of abnormal hemoglobin and thalassemia. It is an inherited blood disorder which produces less hemoglobin which is lesser than normal blood cells. People diagnosed with Thalassemia will at least have one parent as a carrier of the disease. In the current scenario more than 10,000 children with thalassemia major are born in India and are unknowingly transferred to their children.

The main objective of CME conference was to address the medical fraternity in Sri Lanka to be better equipped and become an expert in conducting BMT procedures.  This conference is conducted once in every quarter where all the doctors and medical experts from all over Sri Lanka participate and get trained from various healthcare experts.

In Sri Lanka, the use of advanced Bone Marrow Transplant procedures are still standing in an initial stage with very few physicians equipped to handle the technology and treat the disease.

Ms. Shailaja Suresh, CEO, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, said, “To reduce the global burden of blood disorders, it is important to collaborate and share knowledge-worldwide. I’m glad we got this opportunity to join hands with National Thalassemia Center, Sri Lanka, who have provided us a platform to share our experience & expertise on BMT & stem cells transplant, with our fellow healthcare experts in Sri Lanka. The collaboration will allow further expansion of BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital’s international reach out and awareness programs for patients and health-care professionals.”

Dr Neema was part of the three-day event which started with few workshops addressing the finer details of the transplant process in thalassemia patients and was concluded with the CME conference.

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