BLK-Max Hospital introduces next gen robotic system for specialised joint surgeries

The next-generation robotic system for joint replacement works on artificial intelligence and helps surgeons in achieving more precision

BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital announced the expansion of its robotic surgical programme with the introduction of an artificial intelligence-enabled robotic system for Joint replacement surgeries.


The next-generation robotic system for joint replacement works on artificial intelligence and helps surgeons in achieving more precision and accuracy and preserving more natural bone, minimal blood loss and ensuring a well-balanced joint.

The introduction of the robot for joint replacement at BLK-Max Hospital will allow patients to benefit from a combination of human insight and the experience of senior clinicians backed by robust technology. The technology is engineered to replicate a patient’s joint structure, allowing for the relief of pain from failed replacements. The robotic device imitates the joints’ regular motion patterns, so minimising any excessive stress on the muscles, nerves, tendons and sinews. Robot aids the surgeon in achieving accuracy, alignment, and balance.

Dr Bhushan Nariani, Senior Director and Head, Centre for Joint Replacement, BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital said, “This new robotic navigation technology allows the surgeon to pre-plan the surgery by assessing the individual patient’s disease state and predicting the joint stability over the full range of motion. This ensures precision and reduces the chances of malalignment of implants.” 

The advantages of robotic joint surgery over conventional joint replacement procedures are numerous. These benefits include fewer incisions, accuracy, better results, quicker relief, quicker convalescence, and shorter recovery times.

Dr Mradul Kaushik, Senior Director of Operations and Planning and Chief Operating Officer, Cluster-1, Max Healthcare said, “Max Healthcare has been a pioneer in introducing state-of-the-art and best-in-class technologies at our Network hospitals to improve patient safety, treatment outcomes and enhance the patient experience. Robot-assisted surgeries have become a key tool for healthcare professionals to perform surgeries and are now being used for almost all specialities.”

Currently, BLK-Max Hospital has two Da Vinci Xi robots and they are used in performing surgical procedures across specialities including cancer, liver and kidney transplants, heart, urology, gynaecology, and paediatric. BLK-Max Hospital has conducted more than 1200 robotic surgeries in various specialities with success to date.

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