Breakthroughs in Diagnostics: Now Testing Possible Even When Under Antibiotics

Traditionally, if you have antibiotics then chances were your diagnostic results won’t be accurate. This was because microbiology techniques for diagnostics depend upon growing the micro organisms by cultures but cultures do not grow if the patient is on antibiotics.

However, all that is set to change. Advancements in diagnostic techniques now makes it possible for detection of pathogens even if a person has been given antibiotics by doctors, thus making proper and accurate treatment possible to huge number of patients who are given broad-spectrum antibiotics as a preventive measure till laboratory results are out. The test has been certified by NABL.

“We have developed very advanced testing techniques which make it possible for people to get tested and to get to results quickly. In certain cases, we are able to arrive at results within 8hours. In several cases, it is life-saving. It also reduces overall duration of hospital stay and the cost of treatment. Our technique also helps in accurate diagnosis. We have invested substantially in these new techniques and have had tremendous response from the market for our tests,” says Ms Arunima Patel, Founder and CEO, iGenetic Diagnostics.

iGenetic Diagnostics was setup in 2013 to fill certain glaring …

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