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Budget Expectation 2021: Dr BS Ajaikumar, Chairman and CEO, HealthCare Global Enterprises 

The COVID-19 outbreak has put the entire globe in a massive imbalance, with the healthcare industry bearing the brunt. Our fragile healthcare system warrants the government to develop robust healthcare infrastructure and preparedness to manage future medical emergencies. Furthermore, the GDP allocation to the sector should be at least 2-3 per cent more than what it is currently. The health sector is in dire need of a skilled workforce, among other things. It is imperative to provide healthcare workers with continuous skill enhancement with specialised training for ailments like cancer. There is a need to bring in universal healthcare to bring health uniformity across the country. We suggest incorporating health cess through mobile phones, which will help in directing to pool funds for the use of UHC. As the country’s cancer burden is rising, the government could look at creating a specific corpus fund similar to the UK cancer drug fund so that cancer medication is available for both private and public hospitals. Every doctor from both the public as well as private hospitals should be a member of the National Cancer Grid (NCG). As a part of primary care, the government should frame guidelines as per age, for people to get screened for cancer. Early detection will help in bridging the gap in cancer care and bring down the costs. The screenings for elderly population should be made mandatory. 

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