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Budget reaction: Dr Vidya V Bhat, Medical Director, Radhakrishna Multispeciality Hospital and IVF Center, Bengaluru

I am so happy to see the government’s focus on healthcare as we needed some serious investments coming especially in the private healthcare space to modernise the facilities. The decision to increase allocation to healthcare is a big relief for players like us. Poshan Abhiyan is another good announcement made today as a lot of underprivileged people in India suffer from malnutrition and more efforts to provide good health and nutrition services will help the community. Healthcare is one of the most important pillars of nation-building, hence expanding the health emergency operation centres and building more national institutes would help the entire community. I am also relieved to hear the government’s push towards schemes like Ayushman Bharat and Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana and I hope that the citizens of our country can enjoy its benefits more and more. Last year COVID-19 pandemic strained the healthcare infrastructure in India, it is nice to see some policies announced to standardise the hospitalisation costs for the treatment as we still have patients coming to the hospital for treatment.

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