Cardiological Society of India (Delhi) Launches Unique app ‘Heart Attack’

Cardiological Society of India (Delhi) today has launched a first of its kind app “Heart Attack” for Delhities which will provide an accurate information to the people who suffer with this disease or if they come to know such emergency situation.  If the person suspected of having heart attack will use this App, he/she will immediately get to know contact information of all the nearest hospitals / physician cardiologists (from his / her current location) with heart care facilities, which he / she can choose to go. To help the patients this app will not give distance but the actual travel times based on current traffic situation. Thus this App can be an immense help to whole Delhi NCR Region. The launch was happened during a full day seminar organized by Cardiological Society of India on Systemic, Organized and pro-active Network for Heart Care Treatment and attend by renowned cardiologists from across the country like M Khaliluaah, Dr Ashok Seth, Harsh Wardhan, Santanu Guha, Vimal Meta, Thomas Alexander, Ramesh Baby, RS Ramakrishnan just the name few.

Speaking about the seminar Mid-Term Delhi CSI 2017, Prof Sundeep Mishra from AIIMS and  Secretary Cardiology Society of India, Delhi Branch said, “ Heart attacks and cerebrovascular diseases are now #1 Killer in India. Heart attacks are characterized by high mortality rates and severe disabilities in many of those surviving. Establishment of coronary care units and angioplasty during heart attacks has helped but it has been realized that maximum benefit has happened when there is a systematic, organized network right from general physician, efficient ambulance service and advanced heart centers which can undertake angioplasty or drug based (thrombolysis) opening up of the blocked artery”


The reason why this network benefits especially in cases having heart attack is that life depends on rapidity with which a patient of heart attack can reach a heart center where angioplasty / thrombolysis can be offered, the more rapidly the patient reaches the heart care hospital the more heart muscle can be saved from permanent damage, in other words life can be saved.. Thus for heart attack patients the adage “Time is Muscle,” holds true. This is the reason why all major cities (or even towns) in Western World have Heart Attack Networks. In this context Delhi NCR has been rather slow in development of such a network but now Delhi CSI has taken this initiative to launch this network, He also added.

Dr Harsh Wardhan, President Delhi CSI said “Further, to help the patients with heart attack CSI has launched first time a “Heart Attack App.” In addition Delhi CSI is also launching a Heart Attack Registry, which will track these travel times and suggest improvements”.

What are the features of this network?

  • A network of GPs, cardiologists and interventional cardiologists.
  • A system through which a patient can be diagnosed early, transported fast to a “Heart Care” enabled hospital and can undergo thrombolysis or angioplasty.
  • A user friendly App is being developed which will guide patients and physicians to the nearest hospital capable of PCI Care ( fibrinolysis and primary PCI).
  • It will provide real time information about which is the nearest hospital time-wise (based on prevailing traffic conditions)
  • Real-time facilities offered (Primary PCI or Fibrinolysis)
  • Average costs This App will offer real choice to anybody who uses it.
  • Primary PTCA Registry which will document where we stand now and what quality initiatives to be taken.

Top and renowned national and international cardiologists gathered to work out the nitty-gritties of this network and as a consequence of these discussions a Delhi NCR Heart Attack Network has emerged which will put Delhi foirmly in line with other great countries of the World today and Hotel Metropolitan and shared their knowledge to improve the heart care infrastructure and educate the people about this disease and available treatments.

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