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Cardiotrack to set up operations in Mexico to create breakthrough diagnostic products

Bangalore-based start-up, Cardiotrack, which provides best-in-class predictive diagnosis for cardiovascular diseases announced today that it has expanded its operations to North America. Cardiotrack, an innovative IoT and AI platform in the cardiac space has collaborated with the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to set up its operations and transform people’s lives through their breakthrough diagnostic products.

A Letter of Intent (LOI) to this effect was signed with the Governor of Nuevo Leon, Jaime Heliodoro Rodríguez. Cardiotrack will set up operations in Nuevo Leon’s capital, Monterrey and also invest in a unit to train people. This collaboration will create close to 200 jobs in Nuevo Leon.


Founded by industry veterans Ashim Roy and Avin Agrawal, the Cardiotrack platform is designed to fulfill the basic requirements of primary healthcare centres (PHC). Deployed at PHCs in emerging markets including rural India, Cardiotrack, in the absence of a Cardiologist, diagnoses and captures heart health data for their patients. It’s an IoT and AI platform which enables instantaneous cardiac monitoring and flow of information through Android-based smart devices between a physician and a cardiologist, thus providing providing primary healthcare physicians in non-urban areas a way to detect early signs of cardiovascular disease in their patients.

Talking about the collaboration, Ashim Roy, co-founder, Cardiotrack said, “We are pleased to have partnered with the Governor of Nuevo Leon for setting up operations in his state. Our focus is primary care and improving the quality of the diagnostics available at PHCs. We believe, we have the most in-depth knowledge of challenges faced by doctors and patients at the PHC. At Cardiotrack, innovation revolves around efficient ways to bring quality health care services to lots of people through use of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are certain that we can make a huge difference to the lives of people, not just in India but across the globe. This partnership is one such step towards making healthcare accessible and affordable to all.”

“Cardiotrack is revolutionising the way cardiovascular diseases are diagnosed. A major reason for getting traction in the market has been affordability, ease of use, device mobility and data portability that the product renders to its users. Most of the health diagnostics products are not only expensive, but can only be operated in hospital environments and do not have any capability to share ECG scan with a cardiologist who may be hundreds of miles away. Cardiotrack addresses this major challenge that exists in the ecosystem by providing a technologically advanced and a cost effective product.” added Avin Agarwal, co-founder, Cardiotrack.

At a time when coronary heart disease is one of the major healthcare challenges facing the World, Cardiotrack is addressing the concern through its innovative diagnostic solutions for cardiac care, globally.

Using Cardiotrack, doctors can detect heart health problems accurately, consult specialists, refer and track patients, maintain medical history and start the intervention process. Cardiotrack platform includes multi-parameter, light weight healthcare IoT devices and mobile health software that helps to screen illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and hypertension and helps doctors to perform diagnosis and then safely store the patient records.

 The Cardiotrack device was launched in September 2015 and approximately 200 of these devices have been deployed across India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mexico and U.S.A. Major reason for getting traction in the market has been affordability, ease of use and mobility that the product renders to its users. Most of the expensive health diagnostics products can only be operated in hospital environments, which are air-conditioned. However, working environment at the primary care facilities in the developing economies is different. The diagnostics sensors used in Cardiotrack function at extreme temperatures, and dust ridden and humid environments. Cardiotrack tele-intervention platform is built to overcome limited availability of specialists, lack of transportation infrastructure and power breakdowns that are common constraints in emerging economies and provide effortless remote patient management and disease care. The company also keeps in mind the different regulatory needs of different countries and is thus focused on building products with a global perspective in mind.

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