Carestream Goes Green with Packaging and E-waste recycling

Corrugated Trays and E-waste Partner to Help Enable Easy Recycling

In a positive step towards sustainability Carestream Health has adopted the use of corrugated trays for their product CARESTREAM DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Films.

The company was earlier making use of white expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam tray for shipment. The change to corrugated cardboard trays comes as Carestream takes up greener initiatives for greater environment compliance.


The use of corrugated cardboard trays will help decrease solid waste disposal and provide fibre that can be reused. This change is environmentally advantageous, as the corrugated tray is more easily recycled and prevalently accepted in recycling streams. The new packaging provides the same excellent protection during shipment and handling as the earlier used packaging configuration.

In addition to changes in its packaging material, Carestream India has also partnered with an authorized “e-waste Partner” for responsible disposal of e-waste generated by the company. To ensure that the recycling of e-waste is taking place in a safe manner and in no way detrimental to the environment the company has partnered with experts in the field, through government approved vendors.

These initiatives also come on the back of feedback received from customers. “We learned that our customers were keen on us taking up eco-friendly practices. Customers asked and we listened. We look at our growth from a sustainable perspective. These initiatives and partnerships will help us work towards that direction.” said Mr. Sushant Kinra, Managing Director, Carestream Health India (P) Ltd.

The new packaging has already been rolled out for the 11X14 inch (28 X 35 cm) films with other sizes to follow.

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