Cell based therapy helps 8 year old boy from Jaipur walk

When all the doctors in Jaipur lost hope for 8 yr old Rohit Gehlot, Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, Regenerative Medicine Researcher, Adigos Stem cells performed cell based therapy that has helped the patient walk tall.

Rohit and his family met with a road traffic accident while travelling in a car for attending a marriage in May 2015. His elder brother died along with 2 other relatives, but Rohit, his mother and father survived. He sustained injuries in his spine and was hospitalized immediately. He underwent basic treatment at the hospital for one and half months, but he was unable to stand and the family was told that he will not be able to sit, stand or walk in the future. He lost sensory perception in his hips and legs and as well as bowel and bladder control. After discharge, Rohit remained bedridden without any treatment for 3 years.


Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, Regenerative Medicine Researcher, Adigos Stem Cells says, “The family read about cell based therapy in a newspaper and the patient was brought to Mumbai. He was advised 3 sessions of cell based therapy along with Neurorehabilitation. He underwent cell based therapy in order to repair and regenerate the damage to the nerves and muscles in the spine.

Elated Pooja Gehlot (mother of Rohit) said, “I was depressed after the accident as I had lost my elder son, my husband and Rohit were injured. I was devastated to hear that my only surviving son would not be able to sit or stand ever.But now after the treatment given by  Dr. Pradeep Mahajan and his team, my child is able to sit, stand and walk with support. I will get him admitted to school again and I am sure he will soon walk without support”.

“Within a period of one and half months, it was noticed that the patient regained some sensory perception in his inner thigh area. Initially, Rohit was advised basic stretching exercises for his back, hips and legs. Following this, he was trained to stand with the help of calipers and walker. The patient is now able to sit up on his own without back support. He takes steps with the help of walker while using calipers. He is also able to understand sensation of bowel movements. Overall, Rohit is showing exceptional improvement in a short period of time.” added Dr. Pradeep Mahajan.

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