Chest Research & Training reorganises symposium on cough mgmt

The academic initiative in partnership with JB Pharma brought together 24 eminent personalities covering various aspects of cough, its causes and cures through talks, discussions and debates

TUSCON, India’s first-ever symposium on cough management took place in Goa discussing and debating the various aspects of cough and its cures. Hence, to clear common doubts revolving around the right diagnosis & choosing appropriate treatment options, Chest Research & Training (Pune) conducted a pioneering national conference focussed solely on the diagnosis and management of cough called ‘TUSCON’, The Ultimate Symposium on Cough in collaboration with JB Pharma.


Dr Sundeep Salvi, Chairman and Director, CREST – Chest Research and Training said, “The TUSCON cough management conference is a landmark event, which aims to address the major issue of cough associated with different airways and lung conditions.”

TUSCON aimed to provide an exceptional platform which involved 24 eminent pulmonologists and chest physicians to comprehensively address all aspects and intricacies of cough management. The one-day cutting-edge scientific event covered topics such as newer developments in pharmacotherapy of cough, neuroinflammatory processes accompanying acute respiratory viral infections and beyond pharmacotherapy: supportive therapy for cough. In response to the current demands, it also presented a thought-provoking discussion titled ‘What’s new in cough diagnostics’ on acoustics of cough opening the possibilities of artificial intelligence in respiratory medicine. The programme ended with the launch of a systematic diagnostic & management algorithm on cough for healthcare practitioners to help them in their day-to-day clinical practice.


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