Child with rare congenital heart disease operated at Sathya Sai Hospital

A complex device closure procedure was undertaken

A nine-month-old girl suffering from congenital heart disease was fully operated on and recovered at Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital, Ahmedabad. Bhagyashree from Indore was diagnosed with a hole in the right side of the heart and was referred to this hospital. A team of surgeons performed the surgery for one hour. A device closure procedure gave a new life to the girl child.


Speaking about the surgery, Dr Ashish Supre and Dr Supreet Ballure from Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital said, “This was one of the rarest cases of congenital heart disease. Generally, such cases found in one or two children per thousand. The child diagnosed with such disease suffers from clinical symptoms like congestive heart complications and hypertension. When Bhagyashree was brought here, her weight was just 4.4 kilogram with a threat to her life. After conducting tests and reports, we had only two options. Either perform a surgical procedure or do the device closure. The device closure option was very challenging. To remove a defect sizing 8mm, in-depth planning was required. Apart from that, we also need to take care of procedure timing and other medical factors. However, our expert team accepted the challenge, and the procedure was completed in the hospital without any complication. Within two hours of the surgery, a tube was removed from the girl and she was back to normal. After a two-days normal stay, she was discharged from the hospital.”

The hospital performed the surgery completely free of cost.

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