Children with Primary Immune Deficiency get state-of-the art Medical Center, Bangalore

In advance to the World Immunology Day observed on April 29th every year, Aster CMI Hospital unveiled its dedicated centre of care for primary immune deficiency (PIDs) diseases today. During the announcement today, a parent support group from Bangalore also detailed out their plea submitted to the government to rationalise the treatment for PIDs.

PIDs are a rare form of diseases genetically transferred to a child. In a typical scenario, the child’s immune system bears a defect and thus is prone to slightest of the infections. Organs like lungs, gastro-intestinal tract are affected first in a PID and hence it is likely to be misunderstood as a general infection. PIDs usually go undiagnosed owing to unawareness amongst not just people but also the medical community. A PID patient if not diagnosed timely, cannot survive beyond 2-5 years of age. Early identification can help increase the life expectancy of a patient by injecting anti-bodies artificially which is a very costly mode of treatment. “While there is no study conducted in India to assess the prevalence of primary immune deficiency diseases, estimates have shown that in India there would be almost 1 million individuals with a PID. In Bangalore, anywhere between …

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