Cipla Health launches mother care range of products

Mamaxpert, a specialist pregnancy care brand of Cipla Health, has unveiled its mother care range of products like intimate wash, soothing nipple cream, stretch mark cream, legs relaxing gel, breast firming gel and rapid pregnancy detection kit.

Mamaxpert legs relaxing gel is made with a selective mix of ingredients to aid blood circulation to the legs and also to keep the skin hydrated, thereby providing a feeling of lightness and freshness to legs. Mamaxpert stretch mark cream, helps keep the skin moisturised, improves skin firmness and minimises the visibility of stretch marks on the surface.


Mamaxpert nipple cream is formulated with natural oils that deeply moisturise the skin around the breast of pregnant and lactating women, helping to soothe sore and cracked nipples, thereby reducing the discomfort caused during breastfeeding.

Mamaxpert intimate wash is formulated with a combination of lactic acid, tea tree oil, neem extract along with other ingredients that helps maintain normal vaginal pH balance to prevent the growth of bacteria, reducing unpleasant odour and itching. The brand has also launched its rapid pregnancy detection kit that is a simple and convenient pregnancy detection test kit which can be used in the privacy of your home.

Shivam Puri, CEO, Cipla Health said, “The newly unveiled Mamaxpert brand is a specialist pregnancy care range that understands the physical and emotional roller-coaster a mother goes through before, during and post her pregnancy. The Mamaxpert range of products provides a range for all her needs – both expressed and unsaid to make her motherhood journey smoother.”

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