Cipla partners with TEACH

To create career opportunities for hearing-impaired youth

Cipla announced its partnership with the Training and Educational Centre for Hearing Impaired (TEACH) for a programme aimed to inspire and motivate hearing-impaired students, preparing them for the corporate world.


Last year the company conducted a pilot internship program for TEACH students and following the success this year the company expanded the program for more students offering a three-month internship at Cipla. These programmes allowed the students to take up full-time positions after receiving positive feedback. To foster inclusivity and to provide students with valuable exposure, Cipla organised volunteering workshops where employees interacted with the students, offering insights into the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector and its operations.

The company also organised sensitisation workshops for its employees aimed at increasing awareness of challenges faced by hearing-impaired individuals. Employees were trained in basic sign language comprehension, and interpreters were enlisted to ensure effective communication. The company introduced regular check-in sessions for both the teams and the interns to address any challenges that may arise in their day-to-day activities. Furthering support to the program, Cipla is dedicated to identifying and matching roles that best suit the skill sets of the hearing-impaired community. Moreover, it has also provided sponsorship for infrastructure enhancements at TEACH.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Raju Mistry, President and Global Chief People Officer, Cipla said, “At Cipla, we aim to foster a future-ready workforce where equity, diversity and inclusion are centre stage. This partnership with TEACH is an extension of our commitment to create a workplace where everyone feels included and celebrated and can thrive. With this programme, our goal is to equip promising young students with the necessary skills and knowledge to not just excel academically but also to make them highly employable in the ever-evolving job market.”

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