Cipla’s Naselin ties-up with Gaana

Introduces specially curated Shubh Ratri playlist on Gaana

Cipla’s Naselin and Gaana have partnered to create the idea of a Subh Ratri – a specially curated playlist. The two brands have associated with each other to blend the magic of soothing music and the proposition of Naselin that alleviates cold-induced blocked nose and subsequent sleep deprivation.


Cipla Health has expanded its product portfolio with Naselin, a nasal decongestant spray that helps individuals get quick relief from a blocked nose caused by cold and allergy, which often results in disturbed sleep patterns, hampering overall productivity.

Together, Naselin and Gaana have created the Subh Ratri playlist, which is a compilation of songs best associated with the sleep-inducing qualities of calmness and serenity.  The playlist will compile a string of soulful and tranquil songs that can help listeners relax and fall asleep.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Shivam Puri, CEO – Cipla Health said, “It is our continuous endeavour to aid consumers with innovative solutions. We are delighted to partner with Gaana for the Shubh Ratri playlist. It’s a one-of-a-kind innovation that will directly reach consumers and provide them comfort in distress. The product caters to one of the most bothersome symptoms of the common cold – nasal congestion, and combines it with the Shubh Ratri playlist, making this a unique association.”



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