Cloudnine Hospitals, First Indian Hospital Chain Accepted to Vermont Oxford Network

Vermont Oxford Network (VON), consortium of healthcare professionals representing neonatal intensive care

Cloudnine Hospitals has added another distinguishing feather to its cap by becoming India’s first member of the prestigious Vermont Oxford Network (VON), a coveted consortium of healthcare professionals representing neonatal intensive care around the world. VON operates with a singular endeavour to elevate the global neonatal landscape by capturing critical information on very low birth weight infants and infants meeting other eligibility requirements. It is propelled by a mission to ‘improve the quality and safety of medical care for newborn infants and their families through a coordinated programme of research, education, and quality improvement projects’. As India’s first accepted member, Cloudnine will help to augment VON’s exhaustive database, in turn enabling data analysis and independent bench-marking to promote quality improvement of member centres. Additionally, with its cutting-edge NICUs, technology-oriented protocols and superior, streamlined neonatal care practices, the VON membership will help Cloudnine compare its NICU outcomes with many of the world’s best NICUs. Cloudnine will serve as an icon of the changing face of neonatal healthcare in India.

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