Comofi Medtech launches transparent NT masks

The company has a production capacity of 2000 NT masks per day

With support from Department of Science & Technology India and KIIT technology business incubator under the CAWACH programme, Comofi Medtech launched two variations of N-95 transparent masks – also known as NT masks. Built with the best interests of the healthcare workers in mind, the NT masks effectively eliminates the droplet exposure while conducting tests or during treatment. The NT masks also comes with a unique access window that enables swab collection or endoscopic treatments without the patient requiring to remove their face mask. With breathable fabric-based construction, the masks have anti-fogging better visibility. In terms of protection, the company claims that these masks offer 99.9 per cent bacterial filtration efficiency which is even better than N-95 masks.


Dr Satish Kalme, Founder and CEO, Comofi Medtech, “While our NT masks offer better breathability and purification than N95 masks, our goal is to make it easily available for the underprivileged communities. With considerable support from the local government in procuring raw materials and setting up manufacturing, today we have a production capacity of 2000 NT masks per day.”

Comofi Medtech has donated over 10,000 masks to Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. In the long run, the company plans to donate over 32,000 masks to healthcare workers and the community.





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