CORE Diagnostics and Canada’s Contextual Genomics to Bring Cancer Genomic Testing Panel Find It™ to India

Indian diagnostics start-up CORE Diagnostics has teamed up with leading Canadian company Contextual Genomics to introduce a potentially revolutionary genomic test in India. The Find It™ test evaluates the mutation status of tumor DNA at more than 120 well-characterized positions, identifying the somatic mutations that have the greatest potential to impact treatment decisions, making it possible for doctors to customize therapies with greater precision.

CORE Diagnostics has the exclusive distributorship of the test in India and will be introducing it by the name of geneCORE Hotspot. The partnership marks a major milestone in CORE Diagnostics’ quest to improve cancer treatment in India.

Contextual Genomics is a leading name in the field of genomics-based cancer tests and has played a pioneering role in personalized medicine. Contextual Genomics’ assays are designed to find mutational information that allows oncologists and patients to make appropriate treatment decisions based on specific abnormalities in the tumors.

“We are elated to announce this partnership that allows us to bring to India one of the most significant diagnostic developments in the field of oncology and personalized medicine. With improved understanding of cancers, there is uniform agreement in the field of medicine today about the need for making genomic …

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