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CURA Healthcare Launches World’s First-Ever Robotic, 360 degree Breast Thermography System

Chennai based medical device company, CURA Healthcare launched world’s first, robot-assisted digital 360 degree breast thermography device, an early breast cancer warning system for all age groups.

CURA’s illumina 3600 can detect breast anomalies several years ahead of prevalent breast cancer screening methods without causing pain due to compression, without non-ionizing radiation and without human touch.

illumina 3600 is designed, developed and manufactured in India with the support of BIRAC, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

“With illumina 3600, we believe we have removed most of the barriers to early breast screening – pain, discomfort, radiation safety, and breast exposure. illumina 3600 detects disease years earlier than today’s conventional screening modalities and when it is addressable without invasive and painful procedures. We believe, our illumina can be a big game changer in breast healthcare and with it mass breast screening from early ages can be a reality now in India,” said M Bala, President and CEO of CURA Healthcare.

“illumine 3600 is co-created by women, leading healthcare providers and our experienced engineers to disrupt and transform the way breast screening and monitoring is done today. It represents CURA’s commitment to “Aarogya Bharath” through friendly, affordable and accessible technology solutions.” He …

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