Cytecare Cancer Hospital Launches Tele-Consultation Program in Bangladesh

Cytecare Hospital is proud to launch its Tele-Consultation program in Bangladesh. With the goal of transforming the tertiary and quaternary healthcare system to be more accessible and affordable, Cytecare along with Expert Chikitsa is taking its fight against Cancer to Bangladesh.

According to World Health Organization’s, Global Cancer Project (GLOBOCAN-2012), 1.22 lakh new cancer cases are reported in Bangladesh every year, with the survival rate at a meager 31,000. Such high casualty rates are due to the majority of the patients reporting at the last stage and lack of treatment facilities. As per WHO guidelines, Bangladesh should have 160 treatment centers in order to cater to its population. However, it has only 16.


Suresh Ramu, CEO, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, said, “There is a tremendous need for cancer awareness and supporting patients in Bangladesh with the right diagnosis and treatment advice. Our dedicated information centers will offer video consultation for the patients and allow them to interact with top specialists of Cytecare Cancer Hospitals. It is important to make cancer treatment affordable and accessible for the common man.”

In addition to the launch of the Tele-Consultation program, Dr. Vikram Kekatpure and Dr. Anthony Pais, of Cytecare Cancer Hospital also engaged in various medical education initiatives, such as organizing a seminar on ‘Functional Rehabilitation following Oral resection’ at City Dental College, Dhaka; a Continuing Medical Education (CME) program on ‘Changing paradigm of head and neck cancer management’ which was attended by over 40 doctors; doctor and hospital visits with the intention of building a stronger doctor referral network; and a corporate health talk on ‘Tobacco and Health Effects’.

A good healthcare system is the basic right of every citizen of this world. As an expert in Oncological treatment, it is the duty and responsibility of Cytecare to take its specialized care to the doorstep of anyone who may need it.

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