Dept of Atomic Energy, IDRS Labs Bengaluru develop nutraceutical AKTOCYTE to treat cancer

The AKTOCYTE tablets have shown remarkable results, particularly in pelvic cancer patients suffering from radiotherapy-induced Cystitis

In a breakthrough towards enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy, scientists from the Department of Atomic Energy and IDRS Labs Bengaluru have joined hands to develop AKTOCYTE tablets. Experts from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai; Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai; Advanced Centre for Training Research and Education in Cancer, Navi Mumbai collaborated with the IDRS Labs with the primary aim of minimising the side effects of radiotherapy.


The AKTOCYTE tablets have shown remarkable results, particularly in pelvic cancer patients suffering from radiotherapy-induced Cystitis (Blood in urine). Patients treated with AKTOCYTE tablets demonstrated an extraordinary recovery, eliminating the need for surgical removal of the urinary bladder. The tablets, designed as an adjuvant to cancer radiotherapy, regenerative nutraceutical, immunomodulator, and antioxidant, mark a significant advancement in cancer care.

AKTOCYTE has received approval from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), operating under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. This regulatory clearance emphasizes the safety and compliance of AKTOCYTE tablets, assuring both healthcare professionals and patients about their efficacy and quality.

Remarkable Recovery in Pelvic Cancer Patients: AKTOCYTE tablets have demonstrated exceptional efficacy in pelvic cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy, showcasing significant recovery and eliminating the need for surgical interventions.

Versatile applications: The tablets serve as more than just a supplement. AKTOCYTE is positioned as an adjuvant to cancer radiotherapy, a regenerative nutraceutical, an immunomodulator, and an antioxidant, showcasing its versatility in cancer care.

Regulatory approval: The approval by FSSAI underscores the commitment to safety and quality standards, providing healthcare professionals and patients confidence in the reliability of AKTOCYTE tablets.

Market availability: Anticipated to hit the market in January 2024, AKTOCYTE tablets are poised to become a transformative addition to cancer treatment protocols.

The collaboration between the institutions of DAE and industry has been instrumental in bringing this breakthrough to fruition. The development marks a pivotal moment in the convergence of scientific innovation and practical solutions for cancer care.



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