Dhoot Transmission launches health and wellness venture, Burge Electronics

To roll out its first product ozone-free air purifier, ion dome for neutralising viruses

Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd (DTPL), a global automotive components manufacturer with a presence in six countries, has launched a venture christened Burge Electronics as it embarks on a diversification plan to establish its presence in the fast-growing health and wellness industry.


Burge Electronics, which means guarantor in German, will roll out a series of world-class health and wellness products to deliver a truly healthy lifestyle. Banking on DTPL’s more than two decades of know-how in product development, manufacturing and distribution, Burge Electronics aims to disrupt the health and wellness industry with safe, affordable, advanced and innovative solutions.  

Rahul Dhoot, MD, Dhoot Transmission, said, “The launch of Burge Electronics symbolises our aspirations to enrich the health and wellness quotient of the society which is battling the severe pandemic spread. By manufacturing and marketing a range of innovative world-class products, Burge Electronics aims to elevate the quality standards of health and wellness solutions. It also reiterates our avowed commitment to the government’s Make in India initiative. Make in India & Market to the World, will continue to inspire our journey to transform into a diversified multinational company with a strong presence in the health and wellness industry.” 

Burge Electronics will soon launch its first product, ion Dome, a virus neutraliser approved and tested by ICMR recognised and ILAC accredited labs. Equipped with a unique air purification technology, ion dome comes with an ioniser and disinfects the air in enclosed spaces such as home, office, restaurant, gym, classroom and cabin. The ion dome will make enclosed spaces safe at a time when the country is witnessing rapid spreads of SARS-CoV-2 variants. 

With the wellness market looking at exponential growth in the coming years, Burge Electronics’ goal is to create strong market differentiation. Going forward, the company will launch more technologically and indigenously developed wellness products such as car virus neutralisers, anti-aging face masks, hydrogen water, etc.

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