Dialysis Leader NephroPlus Marks 2 Million Dialysis Sessions in India

NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis service provider has successfully achieved a significant milestone in the dialysis care sector by completing 2 million dialysis sessions this month.  With a vision to encourage people on dialysis to lead lives as close to normal as possible, the 8 year old firm has assisted several patients till date.

NephroPlus was founded with a sheer passion to redefine healthcare delivery in India. As a service provider that always resorted to innovative solutions and enhance the quality of lives, NephroPlus received favorable responses from its patrons. The dialysis care center grew consistently over the years and expanded their presence in tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 cities. NephroPlus always encouraged people on dialysis to lead positive lives by enabling them to work, travel and have fun. As an attempt to change the way dialysis is carried out in India, NephroPlus was the first to introduce ‘Holiday Dialysis’ concept that allows dialysis patients to enjoy a vacation in places like Goa, Dehradun, and Rishikesh.

Today, the dialysis leader has crossed more than 2 million treatments in the country. Celebrating the occasion of touching many lives, Mr. Gudyal Kaur from Haldwani lucky guest at NephroPlus was gifted the most recently launched Holiday Dialysis to Goa.

Vikram Vuppala, Founder, and CEO, NephroPlus said, “Our expertise and innovative methods of services have helped our guests to live a comfortable and normal life. This has led to a successful completion of 2 million dialysis session after expanding our presence and servicing dialysis patients across the country. We plan to begin our international journey this year by venturing into one of the developing countries in South Asia, Africa, and West Asia. We will continue to support our guests with a better environment and superior dialysis care.”

NephroPlus has expanded their presence successfully in 83 locations and 18 states in the country. The Hyderabad based specialized healthcare firm has made quality dialysis care easily accessible to the people. They are soon to expand in other geographical locations as well. The centre has been offering unparalleled facilities like online real-time dialysis monitoring, proprietary clinical protocols, TV, and WiFi for each guest ensuring utmost comfort during their session. NephroPlus is the only dialysis provider in the country that has introduced “Buttonhole Needles” for painless cannulation.

In addition to offering quality treatment, NephroPlus also motivates its guests to lead a normal life through initiatives like Dialysis Olympiad where guests get to experience Olympics style events which include cricket, running, cycling, basketball and table tennis despite being on dialysis. These programs provide guests a platform to share their experiences, overcome their inhibitions and boosts their confidence in life.

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