Digital A Plus Group of Companies launches OMNICONNECT360

A one-stop strategic alliance provides a platform with omnichannel engagement with a focus on the pharma industry

Digital A Plus group of companies has launched OMNICONNECT360, a cutting edge solution providing their clients, and remote customers with a simplified, cost-effective and integrated digital ecosystem. The feature is designed to effectively manage business marketing functions as well as scientific and brand communication of healthcare and life science companies.

OMNICONNECT360 offers integrated multi-channel solutions with various modules of services to their audience. It is a one-stop solution that aims to reduce the time frame right from ideation, planning, development, deployment, execution to analytics. This integrated solution enables our clients to create campaigns seamlessly using available omnichannel. It provides businesses with real-time actionable insights and data while creating seamless and linked experiences with customers. One of the critical components is the knowledge academy portal for HCPs that offer engaging content such as CME videos, interactive cases, surveys, polls, and quizzes, as well as up-to-date healthcare information and insights. Another key component focuses on remote detailing and virtual meetings. It helps organise meetings, engage HCPs virtually, and track performance. Physicians can communicate with sales representatives using a presentation interface from a desktop or mobile device at any time and from any location. 

Based on Digital A Plus’s research, the USPs of this product may be divided into three categories: greater operational cost efficiency, end-customer-centred approach, and organizational elements that make the solution more flexible. The features were run on a trial base with the existing clients before launching it to the market. It is a move to make a mark to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of global life science and biopharma. It is designed to increase the productivity of healthcare companies and professionals. 


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