Doceree introduces opti-channel marketing for pharma sector

The company also revamps platform to provide complete transparency to pharma companies on their digital efforts

Doceree has launched in India opti-channel marketing for the pharmaceutical sector, in its attempt to accelerate the adoption of digital mediums in an industry which is relatively slow in embracing innovative digital technologies.


Doceree created the category of programmatic physician marketing in India with its entry into the market last year. The company initially enabled pharma brands to reach physicians via display and text-based messaging, the scope of which is broadened by introducing opti-channel marketing that now would empower brands to access physicians digitally via email and SMS as well.

With this, the company has increased physicians’ touchpoints, enabling marketers to garner better engagement. Also, by using the Doceree platform, pharma brands can now showcase a single message to physicians on multi-channels – display email and SMS, pronouncing greatly the impact of digital messaging campaigns.

Additionally, the company’s revamped platform will provide increased transparency to pharma brands that are facing a herculean challenge in having a genuine and transparent view on the performance of their campaigns being run on individual digital sites. The real-time dashboard provides marketers valuable insights on channel performance that they can use to make informed decisions.

“While there is considerable openness among brands now towards the medium, there is still a lot that needs to be achieved to incline pharma towards innovative digital technologies. The pandemic did change the way the pharma industry perceived digital. But now we have moved beyond that stage to address peculiar issues that are crippling the penetration of digital in the industry,” said Dr Harshit Jain, Founder and Global CEO, Doceree.

Doceree’ enhanced platform features provide pharma brands with a holistic view of a healthcare provider’s journey, giving a transparent and in-depth view of campaign metrics from a physician engagement level.

The company is aiming to improve the overall business outcomes of pharma brands on digital with its latest opti-channel marketing approach. Enabling marketers to have tactical insights around a physician’s behaviour and engagement levels is Doceree’s yet another effort towards democratizing pharma marketing.

Preetha Vasanji, MD, India, Doceree said, “We introduced programmatic marketing category in India and would continue to evolve the ecosystem for pharma brands and digital sites to drive optimisation across the landscape.”

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