Dozee unveils fall prevention alert feature for enhanced patient safety 

The Fall Prevention Alert (FPA) feature by Dozee revolutionises patient safety with its real-time monitoring capabilities and proactive alerts 

Dozee, India’s first AI-based contactless remote patient monitoring (RPM) & early warning system (EWS), announced the launch of its innovative Fall Prevention Alert (FPA) feature aimed at revolutionising patient safety in hospitals. The unveiling took place during the 11th International Health Dialogue in Bengaluru, where healthcare professionals and experts gathered to discuss advancements in healthcare.

The Fall Prevention Alert (FPA) feature by Dozee revolutionises patient safety with its real-time monitoring capabilities and proactive alerts. Leveraging advanced technology, including the Dozee Sensor Sheet’s bed exit logging, FPA offers customisable alerts for high-risk patients, ensuring prompt intervention. With audio and visual cues, nurses are instantly notified when patients attempt to leave their beds, enabling timely assistance and reducing the risk of falls. Org-level configurations further streamline workflow, making FPA a comprehensive solution to enhance patient safety in healthcare settings.

Dozee enables healthcare workers to remotely monitor patients’ vital parameters such as heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, SPO2 levels, temperature, and ECG. Dozee’s Early Warning System (EWS) tracks the trends of vital parameters and provides alerts to healthcare providers for early detection of patients’ clinical deterioration, enabling timely medical intervention. Dozee uses AI-based Ballistocardiography (BCG) for contactless vitals monitoring. Dozee’s technology is patented and made in India. Dozee’s innovative technology significantly impacts patient safety, clinical outcomes, and operational efficiency. Research done by independent consulting firm Sattva shows that for every ~100 Dozee-connected beds, it can save ~144 lives and ~80 per cent of the time taken for vitals by nurses and reduce ICU ALOS by ~1.3 days.

Mudit Dandwate, CEO and Co-Founder, Dozee, added, “The Fall Prevention Alert feature is another milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance patient safety. With real-time monitoring and proactive alerts, healthcare professionals can now intervene promptly, mitigating the risk of falls and improving patient outcomes. We are committed to leveraging technology to address pressing healthcare challenges and improve patient outcomes. The Fall Prevention Alert feature is set to transform patient safety quotients in hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide.”

The launch of the Fall Prevention Alert (FPA) feature by Dozee marks a significant stride towards enhancing patient safety in healthcare settings. With its cutting-edge technology and proactive approach to fall prevention, Dozee continues to demonstrate its commitment to revolutionising healthcare practices in India and beyond.


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