Dr Duru Shah is the new President of Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction

Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), during its annual inaugural function held in Gurugram has appointed India’s renowned Gynaecologist, Dr Duru Shah as its president for 2017.  Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction was instituted in 1991 by Dr Mahendra Parikh in Mumbai. The vision for the society is to bring together Medical personal allied scientists, organisations , philanthropists and institutions interested in various aspects of Assisted Reproduction for helping infertile couples and for developing newer and more efficient technologies for Family Welfare .

In her presidential speech, Dr Shah emphasised on the urgent need to include insurance coverage for infertility services to women in rural and urban areas. The Insurance Sector needs to be motivated to cover costs related to infertility treatments for women in urban areas who need to take a break from jobs in order to undergo treatment. Whilst in the rural sector, there is a need to offer good clinical services related to infertility treatment through public private partnerships with infertility clinics, which are accredited by a Professional Organization such as the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR).

Currently ISAR effectively working towards the accreditation of IVF clinics across states. “We intent to set ethical guidelines for IVF clinics in India. Regulation …

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