English Test provider OET unveils brand to propel global health sector

The initiative aims to better meet the dynamic needs of healthcare professionals globally 

OET, a leading English language test provider, has launched a revitalised brand and a comprehensive suite of new brand creatives. The initiative aims to better meet the dynamic needs of healthcare professionals globally, underscoring OET’s commitment to supporting nurses, doctors and healthcare workers throughout their careers, and simplifying their journey towards global professional success.  

For over a decade, the OET test has been at the forefront of English language testing for healthcare. The refreshed brand builds on this legacy, enhancing and synthesising its offering to outpace competitors in the healthcare sector and solidify its position as a market leader. 

The rebrand includes a new creative identity, an updated website, and a brand film directed by Dentsu Creative. The film tells the story of a Kerala nurse and a successful OET Test candidate, Revathy Subhash. It recounts Revathy’s journey from India to the UK, her childhood aspirations to work overseas, and how OET unlocked her dream of living in England. The film illustrates how OET serves as a bridge for healthcare professionals to achieve their global ambitions. 

“OET provided me the resources, online glasses, practice tests, and follow-ups I needed. With OET, I knew I was on the right track. We received the support to elevate our language skills, so we could live the life we dreamed of in the UK,” shared Revathy Subhash. 

Marco Delgado, Chief Experience Officer, OET, commented on the new brand positioning, saying, “The new brand unveiled presents OET’s evolution to becoming the leading partner in empowering healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to excel in their profession, whether domestically or overseas. This new brand platform and campaign allow us to cultivate a nurturing community and environment for our healthcare professionals around the world, built around our market-leading OET test. From when they begin preparing to take the OET test, to finding the first role in their dream healthcare career, OET will support them every step of the way.” 

Executive Creative Director of Dentsu Creative, Sarah McGregor said the brand film embodies OET’s customer journey simply, yet effectively. 

“In a market that’s often focused on numbers, test scores, and function-first, OET’s new brand campaign puts the candidate first. OET is not a transactional assessment, but rather an accelerant towards a goal – bridging healthcare professions with their dream across the world.” 

The top 10 countries in which OET delivers testing include India, Saudi Arabia, the UK, the UAE, Pakistan, the US, the Philippines, Kuwait, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe. 

OET is a joint venture between Cambridge English (Aus) and Box Hill Institute.



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