Eris Lifesciences, PlexusMD to offer AI-powered online learning platform for doctors

  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the app customises news and learning based on each doctor’s requirements and interests
  • Will have a first-of-its-kind calculator for commonly encountered drug dosage, drug interaction and disease specific calculations
  • Will address issues of information overload and fake news in the field of medicine

Ahmedabad, July 01, 2019:  Eris Lifesciences, a leading pharmaceutical company, and PlexusMD, India’s largest professional networking platform for doctors, today announced their partnership for a unique AI-powered learning platform named “Saarthi”. Through this endeavour, the companies aim to enable Indian physicians stay connected with global developments and practise evidence-based medicine to improve patient health outcomes. Artificial intelligence (AI) empowered technology and machine learning can help tailor the content and adapt the pace of delivery to each practising physician’s unique learning needs for them to apply the insights more effectively in their practice.

This app-based platform will be a one-stop destination to provide Continuing Medical Education (CME), medical content, medico-legal precedents, medical conference feeds, case discussions, etc. for physicians. “Saarthi” is an interactive, innovative and relevant platform to simplify learning for doctors, who continuously face time-constraints in their attempt to keep abreast with latest developments in the medical field.


With an artificial intelligence empowered technology, Saarthi will help doctors in their evidence-based practice as each patient case can be unique. A distinctive feature of the app is a calculator that will help doctors quickly arrive at the right dosages, drug combinations and diagnostic criteria for commonly encountered situations.

Highlighting the need for such an offering, Dr. Viraj Suvarna, President Medical, Eris Lifesciences Ltd. said: “This is a collaboration between two very exciting pioneers, one from the pharmaceutical space and the other from technology. This partnership is a step forward in a domain that requires deep learning but where time constraints become a major deterrent for doctors”.

Elaborating on the partnership, Dr. Rohan Desai, Founder, PlexusMD, said: “E-learning is the reality in every domain, including medicine. Saarthi is a unique platform where an AI-powered engine will deliver precise and customized content to the enrolled doctors depending on their interests and learning requirements. The app will address two critical issues in today’s time –information overload and fake news – to ensure doctors are provided with information relevant to them.”

“Technology has made learning an enjoyable experience. The traditional learning that doctors were exposed to during their graduation and post-graduation days can now be made exciting with the use of technology. Doctors can learn from case studies using virtual and augmented reality”.

Eris Lifesciences is focused on filling up the gaps in patient care: diagnostics, therapeutics and patient compliance. PlexusMD, an online professional network for medical professionals and healthcare organisations, is centered on professional growth of doctors.

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