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Essilor Launches Revolutionary Varilux X Series Lenses in India

  • Essilor introduces a new vision frontier – arm’s length vision – with its new premium progressive lens Varilux X series.
  • Re-defining life after 40: New progressive spectacle lenses for the demanding generation X presbyopes.
  • Innovation in lens design with patented technology offers an enhanced vision for today’s overall visual need.

Essilor, the world leader in ophthalmic lenses, had a multi-city launch of its latest innovation, Varilux X series, to enhance the visual experience of presbyopes – going one step further in understanding the evolving needs of wearers and putting them at the heart of its innovation process.

Designers have focused their efforts on improving vision at arm’s length – reflecting the multitude of near vision tasks of today’s lifestyles. The Varilux X series, in particular, has been designed to meet the ever-changing expectations of Generation X, consumers born between 1965 and 1980, who are highly active, digitally connected and don’t want to be limited by their vision. But it’s also a progressive lens that ensures the finest vision at every distance for all active presbyopes.


By re-shaping a specific zone in the lens, it overcomes a typical frustration with many progressive lenses – having to adjust one’s head to find the right angle. The Varilux X series lens is the result of innovation in lens design with Xtend technology which delivers additional benefits for today’s near vision demands. Combined with a new calculator Essilor is able to design each lens with much greater precision taking into account multiple targets for one gaze direction.

Additionally, Varilux X series lenses include all the technologies that made its predecessor, so successful:  Nanoptix Technology to help reduce the ‘off balance’ feeling often experienced by progressive lens wearers; Synchroneyes Technology for better visual coordination between both the eyes and W.A.V.E. 2.0 (Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement) Technology for sharper vision even in low light.

Nearly 3,000 presbyopes around the world participated in the development of the Varilux X series through focus group interviews, video selfies and new methodologies of wearer testing including Essilor’s new House Lab – a controlled home environment to observe and discuss wearer experiences.

The innovation is inspired by understanding our wearers’ needs. Varilux X series lenses are the result of an innovative new approach, immersing patients in research, testing, and measurement from start to finish. More than five years of research and 19 wearer studies with over 2,700 wearers across the world have led to a technology so revolutionary and there are 15 new patents pending.

Following the launch of Varilux X series across India, more than 5,000 eye care professionals have already begun to explore the benefits of this revolutionary progressive lens. Various multi-city events have provided a unique high-tech flavor highlighting the cutting-edge innovation in this new progressive lens as well as explaining how it improves the visual experience of presbyopes.

Varilux X Series is available with a new in-store tool to get patient individual measures. In only a few minutes of meaningful in-store experience, the tool will provide reliable and robust measurements of Near Vision Behaviour and personalized for customer’s need and lifestyle.

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