Eurofins Launches Fastest COVID-19 Testing Solution in India

BANGALORE :  Eurofins India has taken steps to support community by starting COVID-19 testing. Eurofins Clinical Genetics is accredited by NABL & approved by ICMR to perform COVID-19 RT-PCR based testing (ViroSure-19). Their new facility in Peenya, Bangalore is dedicated to Virology testing.

According to the Eurofins Clinical Genetics BU Head, Sudhanshu Srivastava, “Eurofins laboratories are fully operational to support patients & families through COVID testing & counseling”. The ViroSure-19 is real-time multiplex PCR to detect SARS-CoV-2 in the most efficient way possible. Within a quarter, the team worked rigorously with specialists across organizations team of scientists on building the right test and contributing scientific excellence in infectious disease testing.

The ViroSure-19 test helps clinicians to detect the presence of COVID-19 in human respiratory samples. This diagnostic test offers fast detection of infection and facilitates emergency medical aid to patients before it is too late. Coming from a multinational brand, known for its accuracy and reliability in clinical diagnostics, ViroSure-19 is a sure bet in COVID-19 diagnosis. Today, COVID-19 test is ray of hope to millions of people across the globe and an effective solution like ViroSure-19 becomes a powerful armor to defeat the virus spread.

Eurofins, has been a very established company with regard to testing services for over 35 years. Eurofins India is now well-prepared to deliver COVID-19 testing across the country. Always recognized for the reliability and accuracy indexes of their products, ViroSure-19 has been thoroughly examined by the Eurofins R&D team. As accredited by NABL and approved by ICMR, the ViroSure-19 provided precise results throughout the final testing period. Dr. Sam Balu, Asst. Lab Director, Eurofins Clinical Genetics, said, “I am expecting a break in the cloud amidst this pandemic situation and hoping for ViroSure-19 diagnosis to help save lives.” It will hence help reduce the risk of community spread of the virus amongst Indian metropolitan cities, detect COVID-19 positive cases precisely, and contribute to the fight, the world is pursuing against the global pandemic. Eurofins Clinical Genetics services based on NGS including Exome testing & prenatal testing remain functional throughout lockdown period to serve patients. Eurofins Clinical Genetics has also developed SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing studies supporting various research organizations to develop preventive strategies against novel corona virus.

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