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Evidence Based Ayurveda, GTT negative Diabetes Patients after Treatment

Madhavbaug, Mumbai  based chain of multidisciplinary cardiac care clinics and hospitals conducted an event to demonstrate diabetes control in a large set of patients. Through the event, 661 patients who had undergone Madhavbaug’s treatments took live Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). Madhavbaug became the first organization to conduct 500+ live GTTs at a time, making this a new India Book of Record. Out of 661 GTTs, 90 took place in Thane, 89 in Pune, 72 in Borivali, 69 in Kolhapur, 57 in Nigadi (Pune) and several more in other cities like Chandrapur, Solapur, Amravati, Aurangabad, Nashik, etc.

“For over 14 years, Madhavbaug’s holistic natural treatments and Ayurvedic principles have improved the lifestyle of lakhs of patients across the country. Our mission is to curb lifestyle disorders through 100% natural proven Ayurvedic therapies and improve the lifestyles of many more. It makes me immensely proud that through the power of Madhavbaug team’s dedication of working towards a shared goal, we have achieved another feat, which I am sure we will break very soon again,” said Dr Rohit Sane, CEO and Founder of Madhavbaug.

About The Event

The event took place simultaneously at more than 10 different cities, with Thane being the main …

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